As a hotel manager or owner, you know that guests can be unpredictable - some leave rave reviews while others have a long list of complaints. Either way, it's important to know how to respond to these reviews so your hotel can benefit.

Nowadays, the experience of all guests has become a decisive criterion when booking a hotel online via a third party.

Here are some more reasons why you should respond to your own hotel rates:

  • A response to online booking fees shows that you listen and care about your guests.
  • To show that you have good customer service.
  • Offer your own hotel rates and let your guests know your actual tour operator, just to avoid both parties being charged from high third-party online commissions.

Hotel rates are an important factor for guests and hoteliers. After the price, the ratings and reviews of your hotel facility are also the decisive criterion for booking your hotel or not.

Hotel rates are based on the principle of "trust through real rates".

So that your guest books directly with your hotel, link your guests to the INN.TR handbook to show them your official web links with your hotel's contact details.