Kaya Palazzo Golf Course, Kadriye TR 07525

The Kaya Palazzo Golf Club, an indispensable address of golf lovers over an area of 650,000-meter squares in pine forests of Antalya Belek designed by David Jones, one of the most prestigious golf field architects of Britain, provides the fun of golf to visitors in the wonderful nature of Aegean region with its field of 18 holes.

The Kaya Palazzo Golf Course can be challenging and several of the holes will be a demanding test of your golfing skills. What makes the stunningly beautiful course very interesting is the par threes and par fours with their strategically placed contours and bunkers, which will really give you something to think about. This is the perfect course for beginners and experienced players alike.

Golfing at fair prices at Kaya Palazzo Golf Club. INN.TR provides official contact details of the golf hotelier Kaya Palazzo in Kadriye for booking discounts.