The Tension in Golfing: The Fairway

The obstacles on the fairway raise the tension of the game of golf. Since each golf course is constructed differently, the obstacles are located at different positions on each golf course. "Bunkers" are called the sandy areas, which are usually several times per route. When the ball lands in a bunker, you need to get it out of the bunker with a precise blow. Water obstacles are also often found when playing golf, mostly small ponds. If the ball falls into the water, you need to repeat the blow.

In addition to bunkers and water obstacles, there is also the rough. This is an unkempt area on the golf course, which is located between the various golf courses. As a result, the individual webs are delimited. The rough occupies about 70 percent of the entire golf course and consists mostly of uncut grass and small pieces of forest.

If the ball lands in the rough, you have to knock it out. Depending on the rough, however, this can prove difficult. You can declare the blow unplayable because of this and repeat it. However, the blow into the rough is then counted as a point. Even if you do not find the ball in the rough within five minutes, you will receive a penalty stroke and will have to repeat it from the last position.