Example of a complete golf course

A complete golf course consists of 18 holes. Each golf course is divided into three areas: The tee area, the fairway and the green. A track is about 200-450 meters long and 30 meters wide.

The round begins on the tee area. Here the first blow is made. The lawn is flat and firm, so that it allows as stable a stand as possible. The fairway is the main part of the course and stretches from the point of the tee to the green.

On the fairway, as a rule, there are various obstacles. The green is the last part of a golf course and is located in a small circle around the hole. Here the lawn is mowed very short and exactly so that the ball can roll cleanly.

Areas of rough around putting greens are usually maintained by greenskeepers, cut at certain heights, but can be very thick and highly penal.

Many golf courses have roughs of different severity depending on how far off-target your shot is. If you miss the fairway or the green by just a couple feet, for example, the grass might only be slightly higher than the fairway or putting green grass.