10 Golf Course Etiquette Tips

Golf course etiquette requires keeping your cart off the grass as much as possible. Never throw clubs in anger. In addition to being rude and childish, it could also be dangerous. More golf safety tips Maintain a Good Pace Keep the round moving by being prepared to hit your shot when it is your turn.

Here are the 10 manners of golf etiquette that are commonly violated…

1. Avoid Being the Slowest Player

Assess the pace of your play frequently. If you are persistently the slowest in your group, you need to speed up your play. Urge everybody in your group to move rapidly so that you are directly following the group in front of you multiple times that include early and later in the round.

Until you arrive at the green, if you are ready, hit the ball even if you aren’t away. At the tee and on the green, be ready once it is your turn. If you lose a ball, do not search for a maximum of five minutes.

2. Don’t Lose Your Cool

Never throw a club, use profanity or sulk around the course. It’s extremely bad etiquette.

3. Be Reliable

If you have a golf date, keep it. A last-minute decision to do chores or go shopping when you have agreed to play is disrespectful and show very poor manners.

Be there for any tee times. If you have a lesson, be there early.

4. Fix the Ground

Fix ball marks with a pocket knife, tee, or other tool. Replace divots or (if you have a seed packed on your cart) reseed.

Use a bunker rake. Level the area completely with no furrows.

5. Keep Quite

When another player sets herself until the ball is in the air, keep still! Distracting movements is every poor golf etiquette.

An absolute rule of golf etiquette on the putting green is never strolling through another golfer’s line of play (even with spikeless shoes). Before walking on the green, note the location of all players’ balls and stay out of their lines.

Stand in the appropriate place and stay silent. Stay diagonal or directly across from any player setting up. Keep off the line of play, both beyond the hole and behind the ball. Keep completely silent as another golfer is hitting a shot.

6. Use the Golf Cart Carefully

Because golf carts are everywhere, golf cart etiquette is very important. Leave as few traces as possible when using a cart. Repair turf as needed. Stay away from areas that are wet or have seen heavy traffic.

7. Dress Sharply

Dress the part. Dress sharp and don’t arrive on the golf course in a t-shirt and backward ball cap. Displaying proper golf etiquette by dressing appropriately shows you respect the people you are golfing with and the course.

8. Turn Off that Phone!

Make sure your phone is turned off, or at least silence the ringer. If you must call someone, proper golf etiquette dictates that you distance yourself from other golfers. Keep the conversation as short as possible.

9. Be Helpful

Watch for balls that are lost and track poor shots so that balls don’t get lost. Help by picking up any clubs dropped on the fringe of the green or any dropped headcovers.

10. Keep Learning!

Golf course etiquette includes many more etiquette rules not covered here, such as putting a flagstick down gently, making sure spike marks are tamped down before leaving a green, letting other golfers play through, etc. Stay observant and considerate. Practicing proper golf etiquette is well worth the effort.