Here you can find out who we are, why we were founded and what we can do for you. Our mission is simple to understand:


  • We want to put an end to high online commissions on room bookings for vacationers.
  • Say no, no more booking fees! Share our opinion.
  • Contact the hotelier for room bookings. Ask directly for the room rates.
  • Get special offers and great deals for your family and friends.
  • Pays less! Spend your commission savings on UNICEF


Our founder and former travel guide Sado:

"We live in a global world where rich companies sell online reservations for accommodation thousands of kilometers away even though they have never entered the room. The pc, tablet or cell phone customers who enter search terms are lost at that moment and are bombarded with great offers and pursued. And hoteliers can do nothing to prevent high online booking fees to third parties, because in the end it usually doesn't matter how or where the guest booked.

Far away, the rich companies earn the online money, while the room users pay the price. For example, an overnight stay is up to 50 % more expensive when booked online. As online companies also offer commissions of up to 40% for resellers.

But when booking a room anywhere on this planet, such blood-sucking worms follow the seeker and will never leave the customer. Many of us have observed this type of behavior on the Internet."

About INN.TR

We establish direct contact with the hotelier (official links, e-mail and telephone numbers available) so that guests can book their desired accommodation directly at the hotel reception.


"The point is that all vacationers have other concerns than enriching others who control online bookings remotely". Sado Dökmeci

P.S. At some point, hoteliers and their customers will realize that they can save money on an overnight stay.

(Well, if they support each other and stay away from online-reservation-apps).